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A sociopath panther in Houston, Texas that speaks his mind. You wouldn't want to get on his bad side, or you'll live(or wont) to regret doing so.
Get on his good side, however, and he'll prove to be very loyal and trusting.

Loves to play IIDX (especially Lion-suki, Moon Child, and Murmur Twins), drink diet sodas (even though he's not fat), and eat peanut butter Slim Fast bars.

Effective Pantha-san cosplay:
1. Bottle of Skyy Blue.
2. Express pants and clothes.
3. Expensive cell phone(exchange for new one every 2 months).
4. Gelled up hair.
5. A short raccoon biting and clinging from his left side.
1. I love mah pantha-san.
2. Stop stalking mah pantha-san!
by PRguitarman March 28, 2005
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