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An obsessive collector of clothing, usually pants. One who has won second place in an Adolf Hitler look-alike contest. Most commonly used as a name for someone who corrects every little mistake you make (most of the time, however, a pantaleon is incorrect) and one who is unable to skip using his/her left foot more than three times. This person also has the potential to be the most ridiculed and feared High School teacher. Abuse of cutters and Nazism obsession (plus a wide collection of "Mein Kampf" in four different languages including Klingon) aren't uncommon in pantaleons.
"Will you stop being a Pantaleon and let me finish!?"

"That Pantaleon is going to top Mr. Manny one day!"

"Sorry, but Pantaleons aren't allowed in the three-legged race."

"We're all out of pants, sir. That Pantaleon over there has just bought all of the available pants in our store."

"Please refer to the Pantaleon if you want to borrow our collection of Mein Kampf."
by moronicfables February 12, 2006
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