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A sexually transmitted disease that erodes the vas deferens by dissemenating bitstrings across all of the victim's bodily systems. Infliction of this disease is also commonly referred to as "hugging the ant." Symptoms include obsession with bananas, taking "input" from spouse, misprouncing the names of people simply because the names are not euphonious or American (referred to as addition of glue logic due to potential existence of static hazards), and believing that assesments should be distributed through strict emphasis on time (when it is regarded as axiomatic that the only situation where time is a factor is when Jack Bauer must successfully combat terrorism in the television series 24). People who have been diagnosed with Panetta are unfortunate souls whose only option is to be eliminated from existence.
If you are going to sleep with that girl, make sure you don't catch Panetta!
by ESR April 16, 2006
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