If you had a panel van, you wouldn't need an example... you'd just know.
by naught102 December 14, 2008
(Australia) A type of vehicle largely unique to Australasia, based upon a coupé utility with its design derived from that of the car company's (generally) large passenger car. Originally from the mid-1950s and used for commercial and goods transport use, they eventually became popular by young men (especially surfie culture) in the mid-late 1970s) as both a camper vehicle or a mobile boudoir. Built by GM Holden (Kingswood, Sandman), Ford Australia(Falcon, Sundowner) and Chrysler Australia (Valiant, Drifter), the recreational variants being the latter name in the brackets.
"Hey, check out Bob's rusted-out Falcon panel van."
"Well, somehow it's still chuggin' along 30 years later"!
by Bag O'Turnips April 8, 2008