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The action of wiping a person's face from forehead to chin with your hand, thumb-side down, like a panda. It originated from W-wood and made its way to Wanawhat through Olive Garden.
Awkward Girl - "Stop staring at me, I'm eating!"

Guy - *Pandapaws*

Some random azn kid - OMNOMNOMNOM
by Whimperrs July 17, 2010
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Afro American Negro male's hands that are half black and half white or Albino like (ala Michael Jackson like).
Hey LaQuanda, LaTrelle put his panda paws on yet another new girlfriend he got pregnant recently. Sad to say she got a terrible beating as a result of his big ole typical panda paws, you feel me?
by Josslin Deeznuts Foryoo August 11, 2014
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Feet so dirty from walking outside without shoes they look like Panda paws.
Sheena left her shoes in his car but she walked home and came in with Panda Paws.
by Sky20051965 February 25, 2009
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A mix of massage and stretching exercises done by Ben and Liv Hatley. It was so named because of Ben's large hands. Often he does them to his grandkids or friends. And also he does these to Liv who absolutely loves it. This is guaranteed to make you limber. No ifs, hands, or paws about it!
Ben: Hey, anybody up for a baseball game? I'm ready to do my Panda Paw. You've got to warm up, you know? You can't play baseball on a cold body.

Liv: You're right. This is sweet. I love the Panda Paw stretches. The Hatley Hula, the Liv Lean - they're all part of it. (she starts doing a Hatley Hula) Easy now, don't go too much.

D.D.: What is this? I've never seen it. And who are you guys? I want to join this, too. It looks like fun.

Ben: I'm Ben Hatley. And this is my wife, Olivia, but folks call her Liv. This is my Panda Paw stretch. Why don't you try it? (he shows D.D. how to do some of it)

Liv: Is she getting the hang of it yet?

Ben: I don't think she can see. I don't think she can do this.

D.D.: He's right. I can't see. I'm blind and have to be guided. Do any of you two want to help me?

Liv: You poor thing. Sure we'll help. These stretches are awesome. And anyone can do it! Here, I'll help.

Beatrice: (entering with a baseball bat in hand) Hey, is the game on yet? I want to play!

Ben: Wait, we're just doing the Panda Paw stretches. Why don't you join us, too. We're all already teaching your friend, D.D.

D.D.: (reaches up and high fives Ben) This rocks! We're going to have to do these at the senior center. I love this!

Ben: Well, now that we're all limbered up, let's play ball! (he picks up a baseball and throws it at Beatrice. And he yells:) Batter up!!
by Dusty's Baby Powder June 04, 2011
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