Paltering (gerund or verb) and palter (verb) refer to an extremely common practice of lying and deceiving with true statements. Probably the most common form of paltering (especially among politicians and interviewees on media) is answering a challenging or embarrassing question with a statement which is true but does not address the original question. Frustrated questioners sense the lie, but instead of identifying the paltering, often rephrase and repeat their original question. Strangely, very few know this word and its phenomenon, thinking a lie must be only a misstatement of fact. Check out a long scholarly article on paltering at .
By subtle paltering, the witness at a Senate hearing avoided all the challenging and important questions that Senators directed his way, leaving the Senators with a sense of confusion and frustration.
by billdc May 10, 2018
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Paltering- "lying", fibbing; not telling the truth. Donkeypit- donkey = ass; pit = hole, yeah you got it! Lying asshole.
Watch out for that paltering donkeypit- he'll take all your money!
by Alfred Misnomer April 13, 2019
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