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The Palin Principle states that the illusion of great achievement is created by lowering expectations.
"Man, I put so little effort into that English paper that I deserved to fail, but since I used the Palin Principle in the class, I got a C-!"
by shilolo October 03, 2008
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the principle demonstrated when an organization promotes one or more individuals so far above their level of competence as to precipitate or hasten its own sorry demise.

the ultimate culmination of the peter principle.
the palin principle is named after governor of alaska sarah palin, whose nomination as the republican vice presidential candidate, despite initial fanfare, ultimately proved to be the undoing of the presidential aspirations of her nominator john mccain, as well as the undoing of their party, likely for decades to follow. see also: the tiberius gambit.
by aarrgghh November 07, 2008
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