Paler is a sexy guy that gets all of the girls, if you date a Paler you are in luck as he has a gigantic penis!
Paler is sexy.
by sexmaster05 July 8, 2022
Palers originated from the very common race of gingers. Although they are not discriminated agaisnt as openly, Palers retain much of the same characteristics of Gingers, most predomanently their pale skin. Palers also share the same aversion to sunlight and in some extreme cases may melt in direct sunlight over 30 degrees. Palers differ when it comes to the colour of hair, they do not have Ginger hair but display many different colours, making ti difficult to indentify them which has also led to alot of un-disagnosed Palers melting in sunlight.
Nicole Kidman is a prime example of a Paler.
by Ginger hunter 101 July 14, 2010