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Paleghostian- suffering from Paleghostianism also known as caucasian, white, pale, ghost, ect.

A person who suffers from Paleghostianism lacks the normal coloring due to the genetic factors. These people have some pigment, but not enough to be considered tan or highly colored.

They go to extreme measures and "try" to tan... some side effects to this prosedure is redness from first degree burn (sun burn), intense sensitivity, pealing, UV and UVA sensitivity, skin cancer and may cause death. Do not attempt this if you are allergic to the sun. (1/24165417643168764 of Paleghostians are highly (very much so) allergic to the sun.)

There are a few that do capture color and become tan (about 1/546) DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE PEOPLE THAT SAY THEY'RE TAN, BUT THEY ARE REALLY RED! A way you can tell if someone actually got some sun is if it stays for long period of time. Not just have it for 3 days... Infact those people that are lucky enough to have sun catching skin might be so good in sun catching they become tanner than people who are naturally tan! Their next goal in life might be to become black...

If you suffer from Paleghostianism you do not suffer from hyper pigmentation. Only the tan and black suffer from this.
boy- "sooo what are you?"
girl- "i'm eurasian..."
boy- "i personally thought you were black..."
girl- "o..."
boy- "i'm white as fuck so people know what i am... i'm paleghostian."
girl- "i can tell."
by Kevin N' Kyle and Company June 27, 2005
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