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1. A game most commonly played in an atmosphere of great mirth otherwise known as a party. It is best played when drunk and or stoned, you can acheive these states by consuming a beverage known as alcohol or consuming substances known as drugs. In the game one individual, chosen as the result of a game such as soggy biscuit is blindfolded and if deemed neccesary credit carded or jap slapped they are then spun around to acheive a state of dizzyness. When they are dizzy and possibly in pain from the earlier trauma they are then skanked and made to walk through a passage made up of eager and drunk party goers all willing to cause as much pain and humiliation as possible. For example the blinded, pained and humiliated individual known as the pussy holeor just the ball sack is sent on a journey of great mirth but in order to reach the goal of many treasures they must pass through the 'passage' where they are humiliated and pained even further through a variety of procedures such as bukkake, jap slapped, bummed, punched in the face and tits, dick slapped, rode like a dog, shot at, stabbed up, teabagged and cercumsised other procedures are strictly prohibited under the rules of the game.
2. Anally penetrated in an anus of small size therefore it causes pain for both the giver and the receiver. In certain cases such as those of nuns, virgins........Barbed wire or possibly land mines are placed around the anus therefore causing great pain to any unfortunate horny person.
Llewellyn- LOL at him for going through the pain passage on all fours llewllyn is amused.
Swaskoski- What the fuck Llewellyn why are you using text speak in normal converstions and why the fuck are u calling yourself by your own name you cunt
Llewellyn- o cum on u gy ws cnt nccssy
Swaskoski- Fuck SHIT thats it your going through the fucking passage
Kevin- HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Wankaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa take that in ur eye you welsh cunt
Swaskoski- WO was cumming on his face really needed if ur going to do it it has to be acheived by all members of the group hence a bukkake.
by Muhammed Legend March 02, 2008
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