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Paige is like a fag, not a nice one, just been lit. No of course not. Paige is like a tab end you find on street corners.

Paige is the person who brought 'deformed' to reality, have you seen her? 3 eyes, 1 nostril and a long monobrow with lopsided ears. She wears nothing but old thrown out ann summers lingerie. She pleads EVERYTHING for sex, literally anything. Even if it doesnt have a pulse anymore. Yes she is the definition of classy.

As no on will even dare approach her we do not know of her diseases but many famous doctors and nurses from around the world try to observe this thing to figure out the many diseases it must have along the way.

She once worked for the circus as an act. But now she is so 'Paige' that even they wont accept her. How this beast is on this earth no one will ever know.

So please if you see this paige, do not look directly into its eyes and run before it is within 10 feet, the stench is unbearable and you will die straight there on the spot. And what will happen with your body? Well she will most likely use it to pleasure herself then eat the bits of you that she does not need. Please do not let this thing breed.

Victim of a sighting from the beast: 'Someone please take me to an insane asylum, i think im going mad, ive just seen a foul beast beyond terrifing imagination. I am scared for my safety'

*Armed troops take the victim of the paige newell away*
by CourtneyPaigee March 11, 2013
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