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A horrific mispelling of the word "phail", caused by typing far to quickly for the brain and fingers to work coherently. It carries the same meaning as the word "fail" and the word is pronounced 'Pah-hole'.
Epic pahol, right there.
You pahol at life.
by CBASSWONDERLAND June 05, 2009
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Dirived from the term fail. Originating from the word "Phail" Pahol is used to describe an iniment fail, or a past fail. Pahol, Paholing, Paholed, Pahols, Paholoigy (Study of Pahols). Invented and promoted by "Catshannon" and "Artizone".
Lewis - "Get on Gears Now, Piggy!". Alister - "But I pahol at Gears". Lewis - "Now you listen to me Oinky. You poholed your life. You eat too much and you suck at GOW. Now get your paholing ass on Gears now or I will make you Pahol your GCSE's". Mike - "Aaaah! Brilliant"
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