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A paggoat is a combination of words which includes: faggot, pig, and goat. We know that faggot should not be used, and it can be quite offensive to some people, and teachers may give us a lecture. So using the word "paggoat" also gives us many benefits, teachers won't give us lectures about who it may happen to offend. People whom you may call paggoat can be described to have faggot like personalities, fat like pigs, eat a lot like a pig, are dirty like pigs, or have similarities with goats. You can also use it meaninglessly with your friends, in playful manners.
Person #1: Look at her! She's eating so much food like a pig!
Person #2: I know right, what a paggoat!

Girl #1: Omg, you paggoat! You didn't message me about him!
Girl #2: Sorry! Kay well he was SO sweet..
by lilsugar_16 January 03, 2012
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