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To be slapped with a paddle.

To be slapped in the face with a tool that is used for pushing against liquids, either as a form of propulsion in a boat or as an implement for mixing.

When somebody takes the paddle from a boat or canoe and uses it as a weapon to slap someone's face with.

When an open hand slap is not even nearly or close enough to what the slappee deserves!
In the women's rowing team at the Athens Olympics a girl who is now called 'Lay Down Sally' copped a monstrous paddle slap from team-mate Catriona for costing the Australian team a gold medal. It's not known how much dental work is needed to fix her jaw.

Mike and Grady got in a paddle slap fight down on the river when they got into a fight over a girl named Slita.

It's alleged that Britany went out and bought a paddle to slap the shit out of her best friend Hilda for cheating with her boyfriend.
by The Moody Poet January 23, 2007
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