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The act of felatio on a male! It came around to replace the line "Blow Job" seeing as 90% of the time there is no act of blowing. It could be referd to as a suck job... but the female does not "suck" persay the majority of the time. She will usually maul the penis like a baby mauls on a pacifier. Hence the term "Pacifier Job" also known as a PJ!
Man, I could really go for a Pacifier Job right now!

Dude... She gives the best PJs!
by Q400 September 27, 2007
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When a women puts her mouth around the tip of a man's dick and leaves it there for several minutes while doing other things, also referred to as a lazy blow job
So last night we were watching TV and she got bored and laid on my lap and gave pacifier job even thru the commercials
by Urban dictionary username November 06, 2018
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