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Holy ass society of duck-like personalities (duck=patka, patche in Macedonian lang.), highly skilled/distinguished in ass-hole sucking, sneaking, licking and duck-like walking/shaking afterwards following in formation their ass-prime. “Ass is a sacred place” is in their preamble/mental matrix, existing for anus maintenance as their only objective/purpose. There is no pachovists limit per ass, and they usually gather around Alpha-ass (boss, manager, leader, decision-maker) in small groups, with distinctive order and role in daily routine of ass preservation. Achieving goals which are usually far from their capabilities and taking places of true professionals in company structures, with no real practical ability are 3 most common recognition characteristics of the true pachovism represent. How to discover a pachovist?-talking nonsense, 24/7 play-dead-busy-looking, low-speed reckoning and judgment, leather jacket/french coat as outfit is more than welcome, nasty habit like public nose picking or poor hygiene. Male species are usually with questionable high education, with strong mental sexual deviations, mostly finding their partners as dominant in every department, looking their way in fetishes. Female species are usually fine “equipped”, with bollocks-sense of fashion, mainly oriented in office excursions able of infinite trash-talk. Most common feature for both genders is noisy discussion in shared facilities, generally to emphasize some irrelevant point/justify themselves.
Alpha-ass: Hey Asutrak, when those monthly reports will be finished and sent to the head office?
Asutrak (Pachovism-enthusiast which is hardly 10% started with MR’s and deadline is well over): I’m all on it boss, I’ve just wanted to ask you for some advice/suggestion and its all over in the next couple of days. Btw, can I bring your coup of coffee? Maybe some snacks, or you prefer chips, would fit your tie today?

Alpha-ass: Anyway, just bring that damn coffee.
Asutrak (Pachovist-enthusiast): All-righty, I’m flying. Did I forgot to tell you, Jordan (highly trained professional) was late this morning-AGAIN, and can you tell him to speed up working on my tables (among his overloaded multitasking schedule), cause I’m a incompetent little bastard.
by Sigmund69 March 01, 2012
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