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1. An uncontrollable urge to carry large amounts of money in brown paper bags and frequent strip clubs for dinner at 3 in the morning.
2. The ability to be arrested 12 times, yet never see the inside of a jail cell.
3. Waste of talent.
exe 1=guy1: Yo dog, whatchu do last night?
guy2: Hit up the atm and went Pac-man Jonesing for some seafood.
exe 2=guy1 Yall heard 5-0 got Trey last night red handed?
guy2: Shit, that muthafucka gonna Pac-man Jones them charges.
exe 3=M.C. Hammer,"I remember when I was popular, then I just Pac-man Jonesed it all away."
by Nick Bockwinkle March 29, 2008
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