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Pablo the ninja is Mexican, has never been seen or heard, Chuck Norris has been known to attempt to run away from Pablo. Pablo is the original ninja, Pablo cannot be beaten. Pablo loves cookies. Pablo is loyal, honest, and always keep a promise. He doesn't hate anyone, and has honor, he doesn't kill unarmed opponents. Pablo is the ultimate ninja. Pablo is a member of the Undead Militia clan.
Examples for Pablo the Ninja
Pablo: "oooh, sniper...."
Anyone who hears him: "OH S***!!!!! EVERYONE HI-..."
Person1: "umm, where's Pablo?"
Person2: "we're all scre-..."
Person1: "where'd you go?"
person1: "hey, are yo-..."
50 people are in a room, no one is seen entering or leaving, 5 seconds later, everyones' dead.
by Postwartest November 13, 2010
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