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An ex-Mormon who now strips to cover the cost of lawyers and legal proceedings for his six divorced wives. He is characterized by his greasy brown hair that tickles his buttcrack, a saggy, wrinkled stomach that has seen better times, pepperoni nipples that are mostly hidden by a thick mat of curly, graying chest hair, and a sparkly g-string that accentuates his pimpled butt. However, upon entering the club ones eyes cannot help but pass over these features and settle on the most distinctive: his whopping sea cucumber. The g-string has the appearance of a racing strip as it fails to conceal his wriggling anaconda.
Person 1: "Damn, look at that Pabeth Flabanabba over there..."
Person 2: "I can't stop looking at that package. His poor wives...."
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by urmomxox April 20, 2018
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