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a "hardcore" dance crew and/or Sausage fest

run by Santa Claus (aslo known as slow mo joe)


his elf (ian "the keebler troll" pruett)

Qualifications for membership:
1.Must be a shitty dancer.
2.Also must think your the shit
3.must be under 5'9 and a scene fuck.
4.hate everyone but crew members.
5.try to accompalate every venue in the south. order to get it, you have to get fucked in the ass by keebler while eating his cookies.
7.Must have he ability to Shit talk(horribly)
8.Cant have a vagina!
9.Must obey santa claus and his elf/troll!

Key Dance Moves:
1.The slow mo.
2.The Growth Stomp
3.The Scorpion Kick

If you dont obey the "Founders" of PYF he you will be kicked out!

So go learn to dance and read "Scene for Dummies" and join
Be Cool and stay away from these pussies!
did you hear about PYF ,they dance(shitty).
by daltoc10 January 02, 2009
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