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Abbreviation of the Acronym "PPYPC" - "Porn-Proof Your Personal Computer"

1: A term which is used as a general rule for people that either do not live on their own or entertain guests; the doctrine to make sure all embarrassing, private, or otherwise uncouth content is classified into secret areas of your computer, so that no one discovers it should they use or view you using your computer.

2: An alternate version of the acronym "AEP" - "Always Embarassment-Proof", which means the exact same thing, but is used as a more general term whereas the former is used specifically in situations of being discovered with having or watching digital pornography.
1: " now my grandparents know I own more fetish porn than they've ever tried fetishes, and they've been married for 50 years."
"That's why you have to PY-PC, man, but that's not the point, your grandmother said she'd let you try /what/?"

2: "My Uncle wanted to save a picture of me at the Jazz Band, but it opened up my downloads and he saw all of my pictures of ponies."
"Shoulda gone AEP on his shit, girl, but that's not the point, /why/ do you have so many pictures of ponies?"
"Remember, Stacy? My Uncle's wife trains and breeds ponies."
"Oh... OOOOOH. I"
"Nothing, nothing."
by El Steeze August 22, 2014
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