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PWN3D_BOIT is a person that talks on AIM, that talks "1337" too much, and refers to the interweb too many times. He asks you if you will help him beat the interweb in 2 player.
PWN3D_BOIT: omg liek do j00 w4nn4 h3lp M3 b347 t3h 1n73rW3b 1N d00 pl4Y3|2?!?!?1?1?!1!!?!one!?!?1
by Matt Webber May 04, 2004
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A dumb kid who thought his name up when his friend taught him 1337. He thought up the word "boit" to mean ignorant, or stupid.
Pwn3d_boit: OMGhi2u! j00 w4nn4 pl4y CS???1/?!?1?!!?
by China "OMG KNOCKS" Man May 05, 2004
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