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"PWD Insiders Language" is used within the Persons With Disabilities (PWD) Community. The "PWD Insiders Language" uses acronyms for words, slang terms, and Disability-related words.
PWD 1: I heard that you went to the SSA and applied for SSDI.

PWD 2: No, I applied for SSI at the SSA because I have TRPS-1 which is a complex EDS.

PWD 1: I hate to run but I need to go the CIL/ILC because a group of Wheelies is meeting together to plan for a benefit for a PWD that needs an Assistive Augmentative Communication device and a Hoyer Lift. The Wheelies are also going to discuss DRM, CCA, MFP, MiCASSA. and Crip Ghettos.

PWD 2: You sound like me because I am involved in a benefit for a PWD that needs an electric gimp mobile and other Durable Medical Equipment and the planning meeting is at the PTI Center. After that some of the Wheelchair Junkies are going to eat out with some of the Walkie-Talkies.

Stranger: I could not help but overhear the converstion between you both but I could not understand alot of what both of you were saying.

PWD 1 and PWD 2: It is because we both are using "PWD Insiders Language".
by Legit-PWD January 20, 2011
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