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A term used in the MMORPG World of Warcraft, to describe a player who isn't necessarily very good in PVP, but rather spends all of his time PVP:ing, whether it is Rated Battleground, World PVP, Normal Battlegrounds and/or Arena.

This type of player usually has a very sharp and clear hate against PVE and PVE Heroes, mainly because he's absolutely worthless in PVE, yet he claims it's "very easy and anyone can do it".

A simple summary is a player who deliberately blocks out 50% of the game because he's incapable of the other half.

See PVE Hero for the exact opposite.
PVE Hero: "Okay, Interrupt Arcane Storm as this ability does shit loads of damage."
PVP Hero: *misses an interrupt*
PVE Hero: "wtf?"
PVP Hero: "I thought he was going to fake cast"
PVE Hero: facepalm
by TheGameTheFameTheLame April 08, 2011
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