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PTBT is an acronym for: Put That Bitch on the Train. It can be used for a variety of situations and people such as girlfriends, friends, or sisters. It is often used when a woman is acting in an annoying or demanding way and would like a ride home or to some other locale. It can also be used to prove a point that you are not their servant and have no legally binding obligation to be responsible for their way home. It will also shift the power dynamic of the relationship to your advantage. The term only really works in cities with an extensive metro or rail system such as Chicago or New York
Person 1: You're girlfriend is looking pretty sick and wants to go home should we give her a ride home?

Boyfriend: No it's ok let's just PTBT her, she'll be fine.

example 2: That girl I went on a date with last night stuck me with the whole bill for dinner without even making a superficial attempt to pay half or even offering fellatio. So that chick got a good helping of PTBT.
by sucio3 August 12, 2010
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