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PSAB is a clever acronym that respectively stands for Phantom Shit and Bounce. A PSAB occurs when someone or a group of people defecates in an area where there are many persons present, i.e party, sporting event, etc. Remember, a PSAB has to be placed strategically so that its not visible but will eventually be found. After the defecation has occured, the group or person must immediately leave the location and not return for a good long time. PSABs can be extremely hilarious but very dangerous at the same time. Try and use something unusual to wipe with.
Johnny: "Hey Larry I'm thinking we should PSAB somewhere in this party do you want to look for a good spot.

Larry: "Absolutely, how bout the laundry room."

Johnny: "Thats perfect, I'll take a shit in their washer."
by RafaelBenitez October 04, 2009
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