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A precocious Discord server dedicated to intellectual Minecraft discussion mainly about concerns regarding the server 9b9t and other topics of interest relating to but not limited to: politics, quantum computing, space exploration and advanced physics. It goes by the name People's Republic of 9b9t, or PR9b9t for short. Founded by Voisardian in June 2017, day-to-day operations are now overseen by Veteran fiverZ and a dedicated and highly comprehensive group of intellectuals who have a combined IQ of over 40,000. This Discord is not to be confused with a Chinese imitation discord by the name "9bee9tee Pooblic" where the lower class former entities of 9b9t tend to gather and engage in group masturbation and other related vulgar activities.
>Veteran: Did you know there is a 9b9t Discord?
>NewFriend: I did not. Can I be invited to discuss the future economic situation and future prospects for the growth of the economy on 9b9t?
>Veteran: Oh, I see you're a individual of significant education. You are most welcome to PR9b9t:
>NewFriend: Thank you very much kind sir. Much Appreciation.
by MemeCorporation May 10, 2018
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