A POBR is an individual who purports to be an impartial judge in a court of law but is not. A true impartial judge weighs the facts and evidence and applicable statutes and laws first then forms an opinion second. A POBR starts first with their opinion which supports a personal political agenda of theirs which is then followed by a (frantic) search for some sort of legal justification. The POBR is a political activist first and may hold the title of judge, but is not a judge in the true sense of the word.
When the Pennsylvania Supreme Court decided September 8, 2020 in a 5-2 decision to allow "the approval of unmanned drop boxes" and an "extension of the deadline for receiving mail-in ballots" in the 2020 Presidential election, all the Democrat state supreme court justices were doing was making it easier for the Democrats in their state to create and cast fraudulent ballots to tilt the election in favor of the Democrats. The Pennsylvania state supreme court justices are rightly maligned as POBRs (Political Operatives in Black Robes). They are not true judges. That is, they are posers. They are imposters which who have earned the harshest possible criticism.
by SemperFidelis1788 November 17, 2020
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