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PMTB=Peel Money Touch Bitches
a catchy phrase off of Wiz Khalifa's song "Goodbye" in the beginning of the song he says "fingers nail clean now.. all i do now is Peel Money and Touch Bitches"
PMTB all day errday, 24/7, 365
by starswag July 20, 2011
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short for Pretty Much, Tea Bag. Which is a way of saying Yes.
Freddy: Did you pick up last night at the party?
Greg: PM TB
by JaYmZ August 25, 2004
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PMTB (P.M.T.B.)=Peel Money Touch Bitches
PMTB is a lifestyle, hang with real friends (no fakes) hang with girls and always have money. Its a way of life. The opposite of a freeloader.
Dennis: Yo David what are you doing tonight?
David: You already know! All i do is PMTB

PMTB all day, errday, 24/7-365
Always gotta be PMTBing!
by pmtballday August 08, 2011
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