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Kandy Ravers that have crossed over the line of what could be considered remotely attractive and into an oblivion of lights, colors, fur, plastic, vicks, caked makeup and yarn. No rational thought of fashion or dressing yourself-basics goes into the making of these beasts. You can easily spot them by their pounds of mis-matched obnoxious accessories. They look like a walking carnival mixed with when you were a kid and got into your mom's makeup case. A brightly colored Predator. Your first reaction to the sight of them will be fear. Most of them will be overweight, but it will be hard to tell from the size off their wardrobe.
Ed- "What the hell is that thing?? It looks like Toys 'R' Us threw up on a burn victim. Run!"

Sam- "It's a PLURMonster! Watch out you might get PLURpes!"
by D-nus July 30, 2011
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