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Starting PF for the Chicago Bulls. Kinda past his prime. Lost most of the spring in his legs, so he's not exactly an explosive post-player (will often get rejected by an opposing player, or by the bottom of the rim). His jumper from the elbow is money, though. Smart defender and a nice guy, not counting the time he threw Charlie Ward.
"He doesn't. He just gives them the Thousand Yard Stare. Then PJ Brown pulls up a rocking chair and plays a harmonica, singing classic country tunes. They all sit around him struck with awe and respect. Then there's 4 or 5 minutes of gentle crying from everybody except Scott, who continues to just crucify Gordon with the stare, while tenderly suckling Chris Duhon. And Nocioni takes on two polar bears one handed just to keep his spirits up.

Oh and Sweetney eats butter.", on whether Bulls coach Scott Skiles talks to the team at halftime
by Rfederer8 May 12, 2007
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