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the interactions of individual grad students who have unlimited access to the internet is often characterized by the exchange of eclectic scientific articles they encountered during their research. This has resulted in some forms of observed social impairment in these students who cannot carry out normal conversations without referencing scientific journals, sometimes even with citations already inserted. Post Immersion in Scientific Studies Syndrome (PISSs) is additionally characterized by a need to structure any written piece into clearly defined introduction, methods, results, discussion and conclusion sections, even if the piece is purely anecdotal or a journal entry. Tremors and muttering of a formerly associated adviser's name may be witnessed along with an inverted sleep schedule. PISSs can be therapeutically treated by gradually engaging in activities with non-academic individuals and browsing through pictures of cats.
Grad Student A: wow it looks like you have a serious case of PISSs
Grad Student B: what? if I take a piss now I can't finish reading this paper on thermonuclear power generation
Grad Student A: no I wasn't telling you to, just that your hand keeps shaking and you keep talking about Dr. Strangebottoms
Grad Student B: probably just the coffee I haven't had because I can't even leave my seat, these articles are so riveting
Grad Student A: here, look at some pictures of cats. Reddit will save you from PISSs
by pairagreenegg September 16, 2014
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