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Pulling Ideas From Your Aspirations For FINancial Gain
- the act of wishing new words, products, tag-lines and songs into existence, and achieving financial success
PIFYAFFING examples:

e.g. 1. ‘I wish my crappy car was a sports car’ and VROOM! – ‘Pimp my Ride’ comes along

e.g. 2. ‘I wish there were biscuits that could help me digest food,’ and POOF! – we have digestive biscuits

e.g.3. 'I wish I was younger’ and YOUTH! – ‘40 is the new 20’ becomes an advertising catch-phrase.

e.g.4. ‘I wish I was free to follow my dreams and create the world I wanted’ and FREEDOM! – ‘Just do it’ becomes a tagline.

e.g.5. ‘I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair' - and INTERNET SENSATION! Sandi Thom is a hit!

e.g.6. I hope this entry into Urban Dictionary leads to PIFYAFFING
by Peter Greenwall February 04, 2009
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