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Post Government Expansion Stress Syndrome.

The creeping uneasiness you feel after hearing of the latest increase in government intervention in the economy. May manifest long after the actual announcement or media coverage of the new law, rule, or regulation. Though these are usually well-intended, deep down you know they will only further reduce your ability to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Congress passes acts intended to create economic equality that lead to administrative law (rules and regulations) that force government controlled financial institutions to create artificial markets for risky securities that are then manipulated by opportunistic financial institutions in ways that multiply the risks, then when the government artificially and rapidly increases interest rates the whole house of cards crashes down. Net result: cautious, responsible investors and their offspring are stuck with the tax bills to bail out the people who caused the problem.

The next time you hear about more government meddling in the economy, you feel uncomfortable and concerned about the future ill effects that may result. This is called PGESS.
by The Common Sense Man May 23, 2009
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