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Pussy free zone. Acts of nerdiness, geekdom, or whatever that repel females. For instance, extended overly-detailed discussions of Star Trek warp drive technology.
Dude! With you going on about wireless routers, we're now in a PFZ.
by browseth December 30, 2008
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A Porn Free Zone (a pfz) is a device that is yet to screen pornographic videos. This could be your laptop, tablet or phone. This normally accurs when you first acquire your media device and feel it would be kept more clean with out viewing pornigraphic websites.
It is impossible for the device to go through its entire life cycle without porn but the battle to stay away as long as possible can become a mental challenge amongst peers.
(this does not include saved screenshots of snapchat sluts)
Tobe : hey did you see that creampie teen vid last night ?
Jord: no I didn't, any good ?
Tobe: yes mate, chuck us your phone and I'll get it up
Jord: no can do, it's a new phone and I'm keeping it a porn free zone
Tobe: what? You have had it 3 months and it's still pfz!! What the fuck
Jord: I know. I'm doing well

porn free cum sluts device
by Mr Peeper June 26, 2016
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