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Originating from SFS's theatre department, PFPDS is an acronym for Post Fall Play Depression Syndrome. The inevitable feeling of discouragement, loneliness, regret, grief, sadness, longing, sorrow and a hint of anger one feels about a play that has recently ended in which he or she has been part of. Although he or she may continually see other cast members, PFPDS makes it feel as if it is forever goodbye. Symptoms include uncontrollable tears, feeling the sudden need to take dubious amounts of photos with cast members, writing sentimental and personal letters to closer cast members, and whining every moment of the day about the play being over. One may also feel the sensation that his or her character still lives inside him or her, which is in most cases true. It takes anywhere from a day to months for one to be completely rid of this depression and is usually mentally contagious among other cast members. Those who do not suffer from PFPDS after a play are considered insensitive bastards and/or bitches. PFPDS is also the means of which cast members create lasting friendships. Cast dinners and hangouts may ease the emotional pain one goes through when suffering from PFPDS.
Christian: "Man I really miss the fall play."

Justin: "I can't concentrate on work because the play is over"

Daniel: "Looks like y'all are suffering from PFPDS!!!!!"
by Benni Volio October 21, 2013
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