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PB4L stands for Personal Business for Life. The question is: should everyone on the planet have a PB4L? After all, it wasn't government five year plans that brought India and China out of poverty; it was the unleashing of the entrepreneur class.

Maybe we should each have one micro business that we hang onto for life; that never gets shared with anyone, where we take no partners and never pledge it to a Bank for a loan and, thus, have something that is uniquely ours that we can fall back on in troubled times. β€œYou need an iron reserve.”

There are so many changes going on in the local, national and global economy and so many things can and do go wrong, that it might not be a bad idea after all to have a fallback position.
A PB4L does not include things like the guy who tells you: β€œI can show you how to make a million dollars! Just send me ONE dollar, and I will tell you how.” And, of course, the answer is: β€œGet a million fools to each send you a dollar to tell them how to…”

A PB4L is a real business with real cashflow. Perhaps you are selling high-end, acid free paper or you have a series of organic food recipes that you sell at food fairs and in specialty stores or you have an online dino comic strip that you publish daily that becomes a hit.

Ideas are endless. Maybe you could look in the Encyclopedia Britannica circa 1932 for inspiration and public domain ideas.
by ProfBruce October 24, 2009
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