A kind of alien. They have the power to suck the heterosexuality of out of every single molecular being only by touching it. Their allies are the Zetas and the Homosexual community. Their worst enemies are the FOBR boardies, also known as 'These fucking Motherfuckers'. The lower class of P!ATD Boardies can be mainly found over the Panic at the Disco Message Boards. It is important to notice that the lower class still praise the band and want to implant their progeny into the band members' belly. The upper (and smarter) class of this tribe can be found on both the Non-Panic section of the Boards and the P!ATD Boardies’ LJ community (please notice that they still use the punctuation since they consider it to be the greatest member of the group, along with Jon Jesus Walker). They usually dislike the band and would certainly use them as toilet paper supports and plastic bottle catchers, if only they weren't so fragile. Not so long ago, the Upper class was troubled because of a great conflict, known as the Great Fierce War. They ended up burning their Ruler and Dictator, Znoby the Master Chief and prohibiting the use of the 'F' word.

Overall, the Panic Boardies praise every single gay man.
Their favourite activities consist of making fun of Tokio Hotel, spamming with animu and menstruating.
boardie@lj: there's drama on our motherland involving z*nobbs
1337 patd boardies: who gives a shit?
by tralalalalala September 24, 2008
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