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People against Animal Cruelty.A group founded in 2006.An organization that is ALOT better than PETA and not so extreme.

Our goal is to raise money to help animals and make the world better with that.NOT to make every person in the world brainwashed.Also to be better then peta in every way,shape and form.

PAAC is just starting out and already has clothing,a club in schools,a mascot,a sponsership,and many other things becuase EVERYONE loves PAAC more

The president of the organiztion is Ashley Goss and has many belifs in diffrent things but does not put down people for their belifs but accepts them the way they are as long as they help in some way...and if they don't help..then o well.
PAAC:better than Peta
by A.M.G April 13, 2008
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