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The P.F. stands for proven fertile. Women who carry this gene typically have children; though it is possible that they may have just had several abortions/miscarriages. The use of birth control may not prevent pregnancy in a women with the P.F. gene. While this gene is typically found in women there are some cases of men with very determined sperm. A man with the P.F. gene will usually have several kids with different women. It is generally not advised to sleep with someone who has the P.F. gene because birth control typically won’t work.
Steve: Dude I met this girl Jen she has two kids but she is bangin!!!
Brandon: I would be careful man sounds like she has the P.F. gene.
Steve: DUDE! I need money for an abortion! Her birth control didn't work.
Brandon: I warned you man its the P.F. gene
by SterlingSilver November 01, 2016
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