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P-P time is a time generaly from 11pm-4:30am where men (commonly teens) stop what they are doing to masturbate and then peacefully go to bed.
Slouchycap71675-Aye yo Winner, I think im going to go

Winner970-Ah damn man what for

Slouchycap71675-I got a few things to do and... its P-P time

Winner970-Oh shit aight I got you, its about P-P time for me too, I’ll see you later
by Winner97o June 23, 2018
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A phrase you say when you are about to go take a piss for the like the 50th time in 10 minutes. (Say it in a high pitched voice)
"PP time!" "Not again!"
by zh80074 October 02, 2019
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Its time to take off the pampers and put on your pull ups like big boys, because its time for pp's.
I can't wait to have pp time later tonight.
by g1ngerbrenda April 28, 2019
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