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A french word usally said in the Lyon area or Grenoble, synonym of "mec".
ce pélo est fou

This guy is crazy
by Djodjo06 January 02, 2015
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hair in spanish.

Proper word. Pelo.

In proper or slang is: greña
Esos son tus Greñas.

Eso es tu pelo. this is proper use.
by XMommax September 19, 2011
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A Spanish word used as hair
I'm gonna get my pelo-cut vs I'm gonna get my hair-cut
by Valentine Moret June 20, 2010
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Slang term for a crystal meth pipe. An oil burner is a Pelo.
Ya, we all hit the PELO and got high as hell
by Dizzle113 February 08, 2008
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coming from the the french word "pèlerin" that means pilgrim , it's used to talk about any random people.

Y a pas un pélo ici bordel !
-fuck, there's no one there-
by vidharthar January 14, 2015
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The ability to name pointless trivia and score lots of chicks while doing it.
That Pelo is hogging all the honeys, it's like he's working a backwards Claven.
by The Bee September 29, 2004
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