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A foreign-looking hottie who has above average skills in everything, is no stranger to conversational tangents and thinks wearing a belt over cut-off sweatpants is flattering.
Girl #1: I went to the grocery today and it was really crowded at the meat counter and I couldn't reach over this guy's shopping buggy to get the last package of chicken legs. So I asked him, (Laughing) 'Excuse me. Can you hand me that package of chicken legs?'

Girl #2: What's so funny?

Girl #1: (Laughing) He replied, 'Hey thank you. I get them looking that good because I work on ladders all day.'

Girl #2: What? (confused)

Girl #1: I was like, 'What?' And he says, 'My legs, you like my legs.'

Girl #2: (Laughing hard) What an Ozzello!
by Napp Y. Hair February 04, 2010
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