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A place to which harbors the living space of Optic member: Brandon Parsons, ; in the rare mythical stories in which people dare speak of such a place, Molotov's, knifes and pit-bikes are often referred to. Although the general area lacks basic civilization, small burning houses and huts can be found. It is common within the Oxmoor for one to"Torch a bar" and it is only tradition for one to Knife any who oppose one's "Street-credz". Moabs are common in the Oxmoor although one is easily canceled by Brandon Parsons via Javelin.
Example 1
Man1- You been to the Oxmoor recently mate?
Man2- Yeah, check out these knife wounds

Example 2
Man1- Have you been to the Oxmoor yet?
Man2- Yeah, tried to but I got hit by a Javelin.
by PJ Spud October 20, 2012
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