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Noun; A dramatic occurrence in any book, movie, or other narrative medium that adds little to the story and is included entirely for shock value and the tears it evokes. Often, but not necessarily, a death of any central or secondary character. Originally derived from J.K. Rowling's completely unnecessary killing off of Hedwig, Harry Potter's loyal owl, in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. To fit the criteria of the title "Owl Death," a dramatic occurrence must: a. be obviously and completely unrelated to any logical progression of the main story line of the body of work containing it, and b. make the audience sad, angry, or otherwise upset without adding to the larger narrative of the piece which contains it.

note: can be used in the exclamatory: "What an Owl Death!"
In the movie "Remember Me" when Olive, the sister of Tyler Hawkins, gets her hair cut off by mean girls. This occurrence a. does not tie in to the romantic festering of the two main characters in any meaningful way, and b. makes audiences upset without adding anything to the narrative of the work as a whole. Therefore, by the criteria defined above, it is most definitely an Owl Death.
by kakincass November 17, 2010
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