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The most recent addition to the months of the traditional twelve-month calendar system, Oweri falls between what were previously known as the dates, March twenty-fourth and March thirty-first.

It is not uncommon for Oweri to be celebrated with multiple parades or gift-giving days because of its extremely brief duration--short and sweet, so to speak.

The first Oweri occurred in the year 2005 and has been gaining international renown since. The origin of the name remains shrouded in utter mystery, but it has been suggested that it is simply gibberish.
"Have you ever heard of Oweri?"
-"Nope, but it sounds hella tight!"

"Are you attending the Oweri First Parade this afternoon?"
-"I can't make it today because family is coming into town to exchange presents, but well be able to make it for tomorrow's parade for sure!"
by T-Suggs October 18, 2010
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It spans from March 24-31 and it is an addtional month that was added to the Caesarian calendar. The date that the month was added are under intense debate, as it has been spotted in at least one history book.

The origin of the month was a pagan celebration, because the pagans did not have a week of fun like Christmas or Hanukkah, and thus created their own celebratory period.
by Blazer999999999 March 25, 2011
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