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The stupid fucking key/card/number that if you work as a cashier in grocery or retail, you will need for various reasons from putting in a coupon to voiding an item off. However, when needed, you must inform your manager, and if the dipshit is not around, than you are fucked hard in the ass because the transaction cannot be completed, which holds up a very large line of angry customers. They will be pissed off at you when it is really the fault of your manager for not being around to help you like the dipshit should. It has been debated as to whether or not cashiers should be given their own override keys, but the arguments have been inconclusive because the idea makes so much logical sense.
Customer: I have this coupon.

Cashier: Oh. I need the override key for that. (Calls manager) No one answers

Customers behind first customer: What's the fucking hold up here?

Cashier: I need the override key for my dipshit manager who isn't doing their job!
by TheTop Hat November 21, 2010
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