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Outside Kat n. out-sahyd, -sahyd - kat One that openly and willingly chooses to venture outside of the culturally defined boundaries of monogamy; both in mental and physical state. The understanding that one mate at any one time is acceptable social behavior is often disregarded by the common outside kat. Promiscuity is accepted and often denotes a sense of stature and confidence in one’s self. There is no negative connotation associated with this term as most kats are intelligent and well respected; they just need to temporarily get outside to unleash their internal seductress.
Example: My cousin was such and outside kat last night, she woke up next to a guy went to the bathroom and saw his clothes hung up. Her reply to him was "thats so cute you hung up your clothes" his response was "don't you remember showering".... She's such an outside kat
by Outside Kat September 14, 2010
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