A person who lives without the restrictions of a significant other.
Man, he use to be fun to hang out with when he was an outdoor cat but now that he's tied down we never see him anymore.
by Alf206 February 15, 2011
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1. Someone who comes and goes without invitation or announcement.

2. Someone who only comes around when they need something.
1. "He told me he needed help than just stopped replying. Than we talked and he was like nothing even happened. I don't even care, he's just my outdoor cat."

2. "I gotta bring this guy some food, he's not my outdoor cat but he's my cousins outdoor cat... so i kinda have to help out."
by JoesLittle February 25, 2017
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A cat that thinks it's owner is incapable to feed themself, so brings them dead birds.
My food-pourer calls me an outdoor cat, due to my passion of keeping them to starve
by Papyrus266 April 5, 2017
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A woman who reaches an orgasm by her clitoris being stimulated.
"I need new bedsheets after going down on my girl, she's an outdoor cat."
by Nawledge September 23, 2014
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