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Junior grimes (J grimes) a social outcast, e boy, rebel or loner kid whatever tf you wanna call him.

Probably the most interesting kid you’ve never heard of. Hated for voicing his opinion and telling it like it is (ie. Spitting true facts) has a dark sense of humor and comes off as a douche unintentionally when he’s really just being himself and means well but has a personality that gets him into trouble but he lacks fear or shame and has very few acquaintances (“friends”)

Nevertheless, grimes or (sometimes hes called) Logan continues on in life following his own path and trying to rule the Internet and such. He’s been made fun of for being different and weird but that’s why he’s more appealing unlike 99% of humanity.

Ironically, I’m not even sure juniors even human as he displays such impressive physical prowess and unmatched agility and speed when it comes to physical brawls.

Outcast: a person who has been rejected by society or a social group
Outcast (Junior grimes) : a person who has been rejected by society or a social group

*should include the word being defined*

Junior Grimes (Logan) is an outcast


Outcast = junior grimes

What’s an outcast (SEE JUNIOR GRIMES)

junior grimes (j Grimes) is a textbook outcast for many reasons and his weird and bad vibe personality give him away easily

This kids just built different and has unknown energy

The outcast means Junior grimes, he’s an outcast

Junior grimes is an outcast

Outcast means someone that doesn’t fit in, like Junior grimes

He’s a social outcast and doesn’t fit in EVER
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